United Soloists Orchestra

The United Soloists Orchestra is a symphony orchestra consisting of the most active concert soloists from all over the world. Was founded by the members who are current soloists of world renowned orchestras such as Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Mariinsky Theater, Orchestra Teatro alla Scala, Bamberger Symphoniker and others.

The orchestra promotes different cultures and traditions from all over the world through the varied music programs and artists from all backgrounds including soloists, bands and dancers. The music repertoire features many genres: from classical symphonies to jazz, traditional folk and contemporary music of living composers.

United Soloists Orchestra also has an aim to help young gifted artists and promote them on international level as soloists. In fact, on every concert the orchestra presents to the public a new unknown soloist. The music director Arseniy Shkaptsov says “It’s a new platform for discovering and promoting young talents from the art industry”

United Soloists Orchestra

The United Soloists Orchestra is a symphony orchestra consisting of the most talented young soloists from around the world, selected by competition.

The aim of this orchestra is to present young and talented artists in every concert, promoting different cultures and traditions from around the world through music. The founder and musical director Arseniy Shkaptsov calls it “a new platform for discovering and promoting young talents from the art industry.”

The orchestra features a diverse concert program. It performs with artists of varied backgrounds, including musicians, bands, and dancers, and plays music from many different genres, such as classical, jazz, folk, rock, and contemporary music written by living composers.

The idea was born during Arseniy’s university studies, where he organized numerous concerts as the conductor of the student orchestra. For several of these events, he combined classical and jazz musicians into one orchestra, forming a single harmonious entity. Although the musicians were young, some were already highly skilled as soloists. Therefore, the orchestra performed not only orchestral music, but featured these newly discovered talents as soloists as well.

The final product was a professional orchestra composed of young and gifted artists that plays classical, jazz, and folk music and discovers new soloists in front of the audience. The orchestra got very positive feedback from the public, and in this moment the idea of the ‘United Soloists Orchestra’ was born.