Enea Besana

Enea BesanaĀ was born in Mendrisio, southern Switzerland, on the 28th of July, 1997, and grew up in Lugano.

His grandmother was a soprano singer and a pianist, that’s probably where hisĀ love forĀ music comes fromĀ originally.

Enea started to play on hisĀ parents’ kitchen pots when heĀ was aboutĀ 2 years old, heĀ used to play for fun on whatever made a sound.

Then, one day, tired of hearingĀ annoying noises from the kitchen all day, Enea’sĀ grandmother decided to buy himĀ a real drum kit as a Christmas present.

So heĀ started to study drums at the age of 9 with Swiss drummer Guido Parini at the School of Modern Music in Lugano, Switzerland.

At 13 heĀ started the pre-professional course and piano studies with Italian jazz legend Mario Rusca.

After getting aĀ diploma in jazz and modern music in 2013, EneaĀ met a few professional musicians who started to hire himĀ in their bands. That way, heĀ had the opportunity to meet jazz legends (such as Wayne Shorter McCoy Tyner, Chick Corea), andĀ toĀ perform often live with a lot of different amazing playersĀ learning a lot from them,Ā recording in studios, makingĀ radio/television appearences and, the most important thing, improvingĀ hisĀ way of playing, creating hisĀ current style, both on the instruments and in his compositions.

Right now Enea is based in Amsterdam, where he isĀ attending the jazz studies at theĀ Conservatorium Van Amsterdam, and he’s currently touring as a drummer world wide with many projects in different genres, such as indie pop band “MADARA” (madaramusic.com), jazz quartetĀ Quite Sublime,Ā and Scottish jazz legend Peter Guidi’s Big Band (jazzfocus.nl).