Flavio G. Cuccurullo

Born in Avellino on 19/12/1992, Flavio G. Cuccurullo moves early on in Giordano Bruno’s home town, Nola. At the age of 11 he starts developing an interest in music.

He initially picks the electric guitar, a much loved instrument with which he enters the local musical scene, partipating in many contests in and around Naples, collecting several prizes. In 2007 he decides to take piano lessons from Nina Dajan. 
In 2010, having passed the entry tests for Jazz Guitar Studies and MAI (music applied to images) Composition Studies at “G. Martucci” State Conservatory in Salerno, he decides to take on the latter.
 To date, he has worked in Advertising, Short Films, Installation Art, Live Electronics, writing arrangements for Classical music, Rock, Pop and symphonies. In 2015, together with director Raffaele Troianiello, he participates in Berlin’s cinema festival, presenting the short film “Numero 23724”, taken from well-known Ascanio Celestini’s monologue “Io cammino in fila indiana”. In 2016 he releases “Seven”, his debut album, characterized by cinematic atmospheres, always enriched by a strong, personal sense of aesthetics. During the same year, he composes the music for the following short films:

“In the Beginning”, directed by Sara Cardillo;

“The last egg”, directed by Samuel Dablew;

“Mom”, directed by Aco Tenriyangelli;

“Walter”,directed by Walton Zed

At the internation film festival “Cinemadamare”, directed by La7 journalist Franco Rina, he wins the “Best Sound” award for composing the music for Aco Tenriyangelli’s “Mom”.

After taking part in the workshop held by Maestro Adriano Aponte, hosted by the “Social World Film Festival” in Vico Equense, he wins a scolarship in Film Scoring at the “Accademia delle Arti e dello Spettacolo di Napoli”, where he studies with Maestro Bruno Campanino.

During the same festival, he composes the music for two short films realized during the venue:

“A beautiful Li(f)e”, directed by Giustino Pennino;

“Giulia”, directed by Martino Mangiacapra (on display at the 70th Cannes Film Festival).

In 2017 he composes the music for:

“La via nova – Formiche”, directed by Michele Cinquegrana;

“Miasma”, a short film directed by Marco Lena;

In 2017 he also composes, arranges and directs the music for “Fluxus”, written by playwright Clemente Napolitano, featuring “Orion Vocal Ensemble”.

In 2017 he is the 4th place winner for the California Independent Film Festival’s film scoring competition for the score to the short “Mono”

From January 2018, he works with the Evan Evans E3 Music Studio as Associated composer.

His film music composer activity goes alongside his music production:

“La danza della realtà” for piano (2015);

“Cosmogonia” for piano (2015);

“Pathothkath”, for string quartet (2016);

“Ahrlem the thief”, for orchestra (2016);

“Breaking the habit”, for solo flute (2016);

“Magnetism”, for two clarinets in Bb(2016)

“Quartetto n.1”, for string quartet (2016);

“A new dawn”, for string quartet (2016);

“Sacred Geometry” for piano, flute and cello (2016);

“Minuetto” – “Danza” – “7”, miniatures for wind quintet (2017);

“Kyrie”, for 4 part choir (2017);

“La via nova suite” taken from the movie “La via nova – Formiche”, Michele Cinquegrana (2017);

“Orion”, for orchestra (2017).

“Jupiter”, for orchestra (2017)

“Blue Velvet” for Sax quartet (2017)

“Sagitter” for orchestra (2018)

“Bishop of Lights” for two pianos (2018)

“Come stelle ai marinai” for solo piano (2018)

“The Mountains” for small orchestra (2018)