Vladimir & Anton

We grew up in Bratislava, Slovakia in a family of musicians, both our parents and all our siblings play an instrument.

Growing up as children we were complete dare devils in fact we decided for safety reasons to limit the amount of extreme sports we do together, and rather channel this adrenalin into our performances on the stage.

Having played violins from a very early age we both chose different paths on our journey to become professional musicians.

Vladimir I slightly rebelled against a strict classical route and went on a journey of personal musical exploration. I started busking on Grafton Street in Dublin and I quickly learned what people want from classical music. With this knowledge I then commenced building my loyal audience base and becoming one of the best selling live performers in Ireland today

Anton Unlike my brother, I took the traditional classical route, after completing my masters degree in violin, I followed with 2 years of Solo Diploma under the direction of virtuoso Sergej Krylov in Lugano, Switzerland.

Partnering with Vladimir has dynamically allowed me to connect and utilize my musical studies with exciting world of improvisation and entertainment


Taking melodies that we all know, or are familiar with, we create a concert of highly entertaining virtuosic show pieces. We engage with our audiences young and old and we strive to bring our music in a brand new and accessible way.

Creating an orchestral sound with 4 instruments we have proven that we are very popular with large audiences, as seen in several venues with capacity up to 3000 people around Ireland and UK.

We live to play and entertain.