"The new platform for discovering young artists"

Our mission is to help gifted young artists to spread the voice about themselves. There are many incredibly talented artists but they are not yet known to the general public. What we are doing is seeking young gifted artist and discover them to the public.

Our idea is to collect the best young artists and promote them worldwide.

How do we promote the artists: we are helping to produce the music with our label and promote/distribute it with help of our producers/managers/promoters/radio/ networks. We are calling the artists to play both as soloists and as an orchestra player with our United Soloists orchestra that consists from the young soloists from all over the world. We are organizing the concerts/tours for our artists and also collaborating with other agencies and promoters to get more performances for our artists.

We are open to many styles and genres and looking for the artists/composers from the following fields: classical, contemporary, jazz, pop, rock, R&B, folk, dance, electronic, fine art, visual design, lighting.