Digital Production

Digital Production

  • Production of your music by “United Soloists” label
  • We register and publish your music in authors collecting societies as SUISA GEMA etc.
  • ISRC and EAN codes by United Soloists

Worldwide distribution

  • We distribute your music on over hundred digital platforms (Spotify, AppleMusic etc.)
  • We sell your music online on the digital shops like iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, etc


Music production by “United Soloists” and digital distribution

  • FREE
  • Receive 100% of your sales
  • No monthly fees

Physical Production

Jewel CD box

  • Material: Polystyrene

  • Color: Clear, Black

  • Capacity: 1 Disc


  • Material: cardboard with plastic tray

  • Color: CMYK, Mate/Gloss lamination

  • Variations: 4 panel, 6 panel

  • Capacity: 1 disc

Cardboard Sleeve

  • Material: cardboard

  • Color: CMYK, Mate/Gloss lamination

  • Capacity: 1 disc


  • Material: cardboard

  • Color: CMYK, Mate/Gloss lamination

  • Variations: 4 panel

  • Capacity: 1 discs


For 100pcs – 1’990 USD
For 200pcs – 2’500 USD

Promotion tools

Radio Campaign

Is the best and worthwhile promotional tool on the music market. We send your music directly to radiostations. They can check, listen to it and stream in case it fits their interests.

You can book a professional radio promotion for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With the promotion, you can reach over 1,300 radio editors of the Music Promotion Network (MPN). MPN is the most important source of information for insiders from the media industry. Listing music on the MPN is a prerequisite for radio airplay.

Your album, audio test and bio will be delivered to MPN. Radio editors and media partners will be able to access your information for 90 days. Also, we send an email to all radio stations advertising your release.


  • German Radio Networks 150 EUR
  • Austrian Radio Networks 150 EUR
  • Swiss Radio Networks 150 CHF

Press Release

Publish your press release

Your press release isn’t going to do anything for you unless you can get it in front of people who will cover it. That is why we recommend our service! Write your press release and reach over 6,500 journalists and more than 10,000 readers. Your release is sent to our national or international distribution list including journalists from the BILD-Zeitung, RTL exklusiv, Focus, ROLLING STONE, Dj-Mag, DE:BUG, Technobase.fm, Musikwoche.de, klassik.com, Gala, Spiegel Online, Eventim and ARD-Aktuell. In the address overview, you can find the full list of journalists.

Why is the price of a press release so high?

Besides sending your press release to many major websites, we distribute your release via a professional PR service to a media list. In this way, you will get your release in front of real journalists.

What will happen to my press release?
We distribute your release via a professional PR service allowing you to get your press release in front of journalists for whom your news will be extremely relevant. Founded in 2007, the service is one of the leading press release distributors in Germany.

What are the advantages of a press release?

Boost your visibility
With a good press release distribution strategy, you can gain the attention of journalists and get new potential customers.

Generate traffic
Include a link to your website, Facebook or Twitter pages. In this way, you can generate traffic to your site or social media.

Get new customers
With our online press releases, the media is not the only audience you are writing for. Many people get their news online every day. Many of these people are your customers. So, you need to keep your buyers in mind when writing your press releases.

What do I need to publish my press release?
To publish your press release, you need one released Album/EP/Single and a text in English and/or German.

Please note:
We recommend your release to all the recipients. Having said that, it’s completely up to them to decide to read, download or release your news..

Here is a list of journalists that have access to your press release. In total, the recipients amount to 6,500 journalists and 10,000 readers.


International Press Release 400 EUR

Print Media Campaign

Book a professional print media campaign.

The address pool contains 1380 of the most important addresses in the online sector, like:
Rolling Stone, Prinz,Popcorn, Raveline, Musikwoche, Partysan Berlin, Bild, Intro, Riddim, Cosmopolitan, De:bug, Rock N Roll Musikmagazin, Guitar, Bravo Magazin, Metal Hammer, Musikexpress, Heavy Magazin, Musikmarkt, Musikpresse, Nachtaktiv, Musiker Magazin, Amica, Rock/metal Express, Stereoplay, Stern, Rock Hard, Musikpressedienst, Rock It!, Soundcheck, Sound & Light, Fit For Fun, Focus, Gala, Mens Health, Metal Heart, Tomorrow, Tv Spielfilm, Spiegel, Stereo, Tv Digital, Bravo Girl, Tv Today, Bunte, Cinema, and many more.
Please have a look on the address overview to see the full list.

Your bundle will be transmitted including a cover and all audio files and is usable efor the media right away. Additionally the offices file your bundle for a later use.


Price – 120 chf

Online Media Campaign

Here you can book a professional online media and copy editors campaign.

In this pool you will find all the most important addresses from the online media industry. Please have a look at our address overview to see the full list.

Your digital album will be delivered to online media with its cover and audio files.


Price – 120 chf

TV&Movies Campaign

The list showas a small selection of radio stations, networks and editors who will have access to your campaign.

Please note:
All recipients will get a recommendation. Then, it’s up to them to decide whether to download and listen to your album or not.


Price – 120 chf

Dance Radio Campaign

Book a professional, world wide radio campaign to more than 1000 radio networks and more than 700 radio DJs.
This pool contains the who is who of all Radio DJs like for example Judge Jules BBC Radio 1, Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez, Dimitri New York
Graham Gold, Ibiza Global Radio, Ministry Of Sound Radio UK, Roger Sanchez, Sarah Main- Pacha Show, and many more.

Your bundle will be sent to the Dj with cover and sound files so that he can use it instantly for his shows.
Additionally we send all radio networks and DJs an email which promotes your release.

Please note: All receiving networks, stations and editors will get a recommendation on your bundle. If they will have a closer look, pre listen or download your content is completely up to them.


Price – 399 CHF