Production INFO

Everyone can publish the music with United Soloists?

YES. If we like your music and it’s high quality recording. United Soloists is the label that aims to promote a great music!

Do you accept every recording?

Our experts will listen to the music and will decide if it fits to our expectations. We accept only quality professional recordings made in studio or recorded live.

Do you have a recording studio? / Do you record the music?

Attention! we don’t record the music, we only publish already recorded music and administrate the rights. (but we have established a strong relation with our partners that can record your music with a huge discount if you will publish the music with United Soloists. discover more)

Which styles of music can you publish?

We can publish all styles of music included classical and electronic music.

Should I be a member of collecting societies such as SUISA, GEMA etc.?

No, but if you publish your own music we strongly recommend to register yourself as an author, otherwise you will not get the royalty payments.

How much does cost to produce the music with United Soloists label?

We produce your music for free, and distribute it worldwide on many digital platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, ITunes, Amazon etc.  see all 

The price list of a physical production, distribution, press release and marketing tools you can find here:

Do you take a sales/royalty commission?

No monthly fees. You keep all the profit of your sells from the digital shops such as Amazon, ITunes etc.,  we retain only the publisher royalties, in Switzerland the repartition is Author 66.67%, Publisher 33.33%

Sales payment, how much can I earn?

For example: your track on ITunes will cost 0.99$

This retail price includes:


– Technical costs

– Payment service costs

– Collecting societies

– ITunes commission

So, the net profit will be around 0.50$


We collect all the money and make the payments once a year as soon you get first 50CHF

The royalty payments you will get directly from collecting societies like SUISA/GEMA etc.

Do you produce physical production (CD, Vinyl) and distribution?

Yes, see the full price list.

We distribute your CDs/Vinyls in different shops in Switzerland, Germany and Austria

Do you make a promotion?

As we produce and distribute your music for free many marketing tools can not be available. What is included in free production is making compilations, finding the concerts and sending the songs to the independent radio stations, promoters network and promotion on social networks. Other tools requires additional fees. But we have a possibility to offer many tools of promotion. The price-list you can find  here.